Unearthing your organization's Data
A Four-Step Journey

diSearch onboarding accelerates time-to-market and simplifies onboarding, empowering organizations to quickly harness AI Driven Enterprise Search and Increase Productivity.

Build AI Driven Enterprise Search for your Organization in Days, not Months

  • 1

    Phase 1: Planning - Aligning Data with Ambition

    •  Define goals, assess current state, and establish requirementsSelect diSearch as the enterprise search platform
    • Plan resources and timeline
    • Develop a project roadmap and milestones
  • 2

    Phase 2: Implementation - Harnessing the Power of Data

    • Prepare and ingest data using diSearch's flexible capabilities
    • Configure search settings and integrate with existing systems
    • Develop user interface and integrate Large Language Models (LLMs)
    • Create a golden testing dataset for LLMs
  • 3

    Phase 3: Testing and Optimization - Refining the Search Experience

    •  Conduct functional, performance, and user acceptance testing
    • Fine-tune relevance and evaluate LLM performance using the golden dataset
    • Iterate based on user feedback and testing results
    • Optimize search performance and scalability
  • 4

    Phase 4: Deployment and Maintenance - Ensuring Continuous Success

    • Deploy diSearch with proper configuration and security measures
    • Provide training and support for user adoption
    • Perform regular maintenance, updates, and continuous improvement
    • LLMOps: Monitor and adapt LLMs to meet evolving business needs
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