The AI Driven Enterprise Search Platform

diSearch - Where Data Meets Ambition! 

Increase productivity and unlock insights using the power of AI Driven Enterprise Search, Large Language Models, and Productivity Tools Grounded by your data

  • Search Instantly

     Empower individuals, teams and enterprises with self-serve access to the data using governed Enterprise Search

  • Increase productivity

    Instantly unlock insights and content with our ready-to-use Retrieval-Augmented Generation suite 

  • Lower costs

    Immediate Savings by getting Enterprise capabilities at a fraction of the cost

The new way to Search, Chat and Interact with your Data!

diSearch is a self-serve Enterprise Search platform with advanced data ingestion and curation enabling RAG based on institutional knowledge and relevant data domains.

  • Ingest1
  • Search11
  • Custom1
  • Writer1

Why Choose diSearch

We offer flexibility to curate experiences to modlities 

  • Asset 21@72x
    Curated Knowledge Access

    Provides users with a unified platform to access the organization's vast knowledge repository, including both internal and external data sources 

  • Verstyle

    Provides a scalable and flexible architecture to accommodate future growth and evolving needs.

  • Document
    Enhanced Document Creation:

    diDraft and diWriter extend the product's capabilities by enabling users to transform LLM-generated content into polished, final documents 

  • Affordable

    diSearch is priced competitively, making it accessible to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

  • Nocoding
    No Coding Required

    With diSearch, you can ingest data from a multitude of data sources without having to write a single line of code

  • Support
    Dedicated Support

    We offer dedicated support to ensure a smooth hunting process.

Meet our Team!

diSearch combines an active governance framework, enterprise search, and large language models to deliver highly accurate and relevant search results, improving productivity and saving time.

Our Plans

Choose the best plan for your business

  • Valley

    / month
    / month
    • (for Single users)
    • 1 License
    • 0 Guests
    • 10GB Storage
    • 2000 GSC/mo. Governed Search Credits
    • Support Available
  • Ascent

    / month
    • (for Teams)
    • 5 Licenses
    • 10 Guests
    • 20GB Storage
    • 4000 GSC/mo. Governed Search Credits
    • Priority Support Available
  • Ridge

    / month
    / month
    • (for Teams)
    • 10 Licenses
    • 30 Guests
    • 30GB Storage
    • 6000 GSC/mo. Governed Search Credits
    • Priority Support Available
  • Summit

    Call for Pricing
    • ( Teams Larger Than 10)
    • Access to PensDown
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