diWriter - Rich Text Editor

A feature rich web editor that allows users to develop content within the diSearch Platform

  • Full creative control

    The dWriter Editor is headless and comes without any CSS. Control styling and appearance without that messy !important

  • Craft a tailored user experience

    Create a unique user experience tailored to your customer’s expectations. Implement your own interactions and functionalities on top of our large extension library.

  • optimized performance

    The rich text editor framework is as lightweight as it gets. Improve your loading times by only integrating functionality and stylings you need.

Fast-track Content

diWriter allows you to focus on your core business while we provide what we do best: A modern content writing experience by integrating rich text editing with Enterprise Search and Large Language Models.

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Extension Based Editor Framework

 From Notion-like interfaces to Google Docs functionality – develop powerful WYSIWYG editor apps super fast with the Tiptap editor.

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Got Questions? We’ve got Answers!

Dive into our diWriter FAQ: From syncing secrets to collaboration charms, we’re here to clear up all your curiosities.

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